Blackwell – Over 140 years of experience and innovation in printing and customer service


As an amalgamation of R K Blackwell, John Buckle Printers and AdvantageMedia, we have a proud history in Great Yarmouth stretching back to 1870.

However, our reputation and longevity was not achieved by looking backwards.

We have constantly absorbed the experience from the passing years, but the range of services we offer and the capabilities which we have available for you today represent our proudest achievement.

This continuous innovation and fine tuning enables us to offer you inspired, cost-effective solutions for all your print and web communications.

Our comittment to the World’s future:

When John Buckle started his business in 1870 and even when Roy Blackwell started his in 1945 there was very little – if any appreciation of the effect that their endeavours were having on the environment.

The growing realisation over the years that both the planet’s resources and its capability to absorb man’s massive carbon “footprint” is finite, lead us to commit to¬† ISO 14001 accreditation in 2010 and now, to achieving carbon neutrality. This will be achieved – in areas where an actual zero level is technically not possible, through “offsetting” using sustainable planting schemes.

We are a Carbon Neutral company.



Meet Our Team

Nicki Reed
Nicki ReedPrint and Digital Consultant
With 30 years in the printing industry, Nicki has established herself as a credible professional in supporting a wide and diverse client base.
Understanding the changing market, Nicki has also immersed herself in the commercial benefits that new technologies such as Web2Print and e-commerce solutions can bring.
Ryan Holt
Ryan HoltSales, Marketing & Design

Ryan joins the team bringing over 7 years experience within the design and print industry. Understanding the constantly changing design trends within the design and marketing world, Ryan is able to advise on design options with the finished print product in mind, to be able to achieve a certain look or for targeting a certain market with your printed literature.

Keith Moore
Keith MooreManaging Director
40 years of working in the Print Industry has left Keith keener than ever to use the best of today’s technology to develop the business into a full service branding solution.
Graham Gooda
Graham GoodaChairman
In tandem with business partner – Keith, for the last 33 years Graham has worked hard to keep the business constantly improving and moving forward.
Trevor Ballard
Trevor BallardProduction Manager
Coming soon…
Jo Moore
Jo MooreStudio Manager
Changing from a career in Retail Management with a large national clothing company in 2007, Keith’s daughter Joanne quickly grasped the intricacy of the Digital Print World and is now Studio Manager. This involves controlling a team who process the origination and platemaking for litho and the origination and printing for our Digital Presses.
Tom Davison
Tom DavisonIT and Web Development
Tom is a PHP programmer who now heads the web development team. Tom is a specialist in integration. His responsibilities also include all on-site IT specifying and maintenance procedures.