Why should I print online using print on-demand?

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Why should I print online using print on-demand?

When traveling or simply away from home, printing always seems like a hassle. Where you decide to print depends on the timing of when you require a document.

The good news is that if you need specific stationery for a flyer, postcard, brochure, or another type of product, there are a multitude of online services available.

For example, one of the best businesses offering online printing to make everything hands-off includes Blackwell Print.

What is Print On-Demand?

Typically, businesses need to mass-produce printed products for informational and marketing purposes. However, given heavy schedules and lack of resources, a business will often rely on online services in a model called print on-demand.

Ordering massive amounts of inventory and performing the printing by oneself is costly and requires trips to the post office for shipping.

Fortunately, today, a business can work with an online printing service to use the best quality tools available to print the number of units necessary to respond to demand. This demand can either come from the business that needs printing or from the customer of that business who places an order.

Print on-demand is helpful regardless if the business is using such a service to list products they do not currently have in stock, as the mass creation of paper-made marketing tools like business cards and flyers is incredibly beneficial for audience outreach.

When using print on-demand, a business has no upfront expense and is equipped with full customisation of not only how they want a design to look but on which type of print.

How is Print On-Demand effective?

Print on-demand services help businesses achieve innumerable goals in the most efficient way, including:

  • Testing new business ideas or product lines without risk
  • Monetise audiences you have already created
  • Create exciting and original products that appeal to specific niche customers
  • Print small batches or one-offs of a variety of products

However, print on-demand is not without its cons, although they are quite negligible in comparison to doing everything yourself:

  • Reduced margins: Costs per item will be higher than if you were to risk purchasing in bulk
  • Lack of control over shipping: Costs related to shipping are complex due to location, schedules, and the types of products
  • Limited products: While your business may have full customisation over the printing services available, you will have to decide if what is offered meets all of your needs

Who are Blackwell Print?

Blackwell Print provides virtually every form of printing available for both personal and business purposes. While some of their best sellers include leaflets, flyers, postcards, and digital posters, they also offer services in various other categories such as bound, promotional, stationery, and wide-format.

The best sellers category is for all use cases and, in addition to what has been previously mentioned, supports both digital and litho posters. In the bound category, the most popular service includes stitched brochures.

Moreover, the promotional category specialises in greetings cards and presentation folders. Fourth, the stationery category offers business cards, compliment slips, and letterheads. Lastly, the wide format category includes A-Frames, Mini Pull-Up Banners, Pavement Signs, PVC Banners, and Tension Banners.

Products mentioned in this post…

Stitched Brochures

  • Available from 8 to 100 pages
  • Printed in either full colour or black only
  • Wide range of materials available

Flyers & Leaflets

  • One of our best selling products
  • Printed in either full colour or black only
  • Wide range of materials available


  • Range of laminating options available for a professional finish
  • Quantities from 50 up to 250000
  • Stamps not included!