New Duplo 600i bookletmaker installed to help with increasing demand

January 15, 2021  •  9,998 views  •  2 mins

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New Duplo 600i bookletmaker installed to help with increasing demand

Due to increasing growth and customer demand, we’ve just installed a brand new Duplo 600i bookletmaker which is capable of running at production speeds of up to 5,200 books per hour.

This has meant we’ve been able to transfer some work from our Muller Martini stitching line to increase efficiency and also replaces our ageing Watkiss booklet maker which has now been taken out of production. The new install takes our production capabilities to over 13,000 booklets per hour across our plant.

We have seen a huge increase in booklet work over the last six months and we needed to follow this demand with more capable machinery. Duplo offered us a great package and so we made the decision to go with them.

The 600i means we can utilise time and staff more efficiently. The lower set-up time, and great run speed mean we are able to keep up with demand at the correct price point.

Joanne Hodges — Operations Director

The Duplo 600i will be used for a variety of brochures and collated jobs. It runs at a maximum speed of 5,200 books per hour, taking paper from 64-300gsm and taking sheet sizes up to 350x508mm or 230x610mm.

Alongside the Duplo, we also run finishing kit from MBO, Heidelberg, Polar, Autobond, Muller Martini and Uchida.