The benefits of carrying a business card

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The benefits of carrying a business card

Over the years it's clear that technology has transformed business communication from email to the internet. While written communication is often paperless, there is one piece of correspondence that has remained printed: the business card. It's always important to shift information between colleagues, future employers etc, but there are many advantages to carrying a business card.

Here are a few reasons why business cards are classed as an effective business tool:

1. Brand identity marketing

Not only does a professional business card represent your company's brand and important contact information, but often it is the first exposure to the overall image of the business. The company logo should be prominently displayed, to catch people's attention, which is great for brand identity, as you want your logo to be remembered. The fonts used are also key, as well as the colour and texture of the business card, these convey a message about the type of industry represented. A professional business card is vitally important as it gives the first impression and reflects the personality of the company.

2. Professionalism and prepared

If you have a business card on you at all times, it shows an appearance of professionalism and proper planning. If you happen to be caught off-guard without a business card then you could give off an ill-prepared impression. Keep a stack of cards protected by a case so you’re always prepared and show people that you’re prepared for the unexpected.

3. Quicker than passing digital information

In this modern age, we can use numerous apps on our smartphones that are able to transfer contact information wirelessly. However, the quickest and easiest way to exchange useful information is via a business card. You can hand out multiple cards within seconds at any networking event. In a fast-paced environment, you want to get your information out as quick as possible, and nothing beats the quick handing over of a business card.

4. Some clients don’t own smart devices

You can never rely on smartphones when you’re exchanging contact information, simply because some people don’t own digital devices or aren’t great with technology. Even though the majority of the population owns a personal electronic device, some prefer not to rely on theirs. If you exchange business cards with someone then you can always follow up with an email that contains more important information.

5. Essential in international business

Global working opportunities are on the rise, so doing business overseas is becoming more popular. In some cultures, business cards are rarely used in international business, but they are used ceremoniously. Depending on where you are in the world, business cards are presented/received differently. For example, in most Asian countries, the business card is treated with respect. However, if you are in Bahrain, you can never exchange your cards with the left hand and be certain to look at the business card received carefully before putting it away.

The printed business card will always dominate and will always show people how professional and prepared you are to talk business. At any instance, whether you’re at a networking event or at a coffee shop, you’re always available for a business connection. You could potentially lose a future client if you fail to have a business card on hand. Exchanging business cards has so many benefits, and gives you the ability to follow up, provide yourself with a foot in the door, and potentially land a big client. It also allows a personal encounter between two parties, a crucial element of creating a business connection.

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