New milestone achieved... We've planted 10'000 trees!

March 28, 2022  •  4,582 views  •  1 mins

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New milestone achieved... We've planted 10'000 trees!

Blackwell Print are proud to be one of the UK’s most climate positive print service providers. But did you know that our quest to reduce our carbon footprint goes beyond just reducing waste and emissions, and includes reforestation efforts? Today we reached a brand new - we’ve now planted over 10’000 trees in locations such as Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique and more.

Want to get involved?

It’s easy! We are currently planting 1 tree and offset 10kg of carbon for every £10 spent on print products. That means for every £100 you spend with us, we plant 10 trees and offset 100kg of carbon.

Want to find out more?

Head over to our Ecologi profile where you can see where every tree is planted and find out more about all of the projects our donations have been helping.