Our Digital Presses Are Capable Of 9,000 SRA3 Sheets An Hour!

Digital Printing

Over the last 8 years we have developed an industry leading edge in digital printing after embracing the technology its its infancy. Its true to say the quality and capability of digital presses has improved massively and is now a real contender to low to medium run litho printing.

We have 4 digital presses in-house with plans for another in the near future.

We approached digital printing from the angle that no single press manufacturer had all the answers so as a result we have a mix of press technologies from different manufacturers.

This approach has allowed us to explore the potential of each process and as a result we have unrivalled experience in digital printing technology with an inhouse Xerox and Ricoh trained advanced technician onsite – unique in East Anglia.

Xerox 1000

Our flagship digital press this machine represented the latest in “oil less” toner technology. Its capable of over 3000 SRA3 sheets an hour and has the capability of running clear dry ink to add a gloss finish parts of the print area.

Ricoh C900

Ricoh are relative newcomers to digital commercial presses but have made a real impression with their C900. Its creates a great image and is the “go to press” when things need doing fast.

Konica Minolta C6500

Having installed this machine a while back for booklet making we have increased out short run booklet production by 50%! Its a great press for bookets, periodicals and brochures.

Océ Vario Print 1105

Black ink only press for our regular programmes and booklet market which is thriving now we have this press running…its fast, great quality and is capable.