Website design is probably the most complicated and difficult of the design disciplines. Only a company who has created and run their own successful sites and ‘on-line shops’, and which insists in using industry standard methods and software should be considered for a project.

Website Design

Since Tim Berners Lee had the idea which became the internet in 1989 some companies have struggled to get the most out of the World Wide Web.

From the ground up we’ll hold your hand through the process…we know it can seem overwhelming.

We use web standards languages and applications such as HTML, CSS, PHP and MYSQL to create simple, clean websites designed to deliver your message. Because we handle all aspects of creative design and media, we are able to ensure this is presented in a consistent manner.

We’ll listen to your needs, look at your old site (if you have one) we will then write a brief that we consider will suits your needs and after extensive consultation with yourselves…once all is agreed, we will start the coding.

We use only our highly experienced in-house talent for graphic production, web designer and PHP programming.

We have our own dedicated co-located servers (in clusters) to host your site and to deliver your emails, so you be confident of safe, fast and industry leading “up times” with resilient backup methods employed 24/7. We are able to offer practically unlimited scalability so we can cope with almost any requirement now, and in the future.

Once we’ve finished your site we’ll show you how to use it, how you measure its success (in traffic terms) and we’ll review it regularly to see if it needs any tweaking…all part of the service.